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Chaz Ortiz on Skating with Lil Wayne and Losing $150,000 on a Single Trick


Chi-Town’s prodigy reflects on resurrecting his hometown’s skateboarding scene, riding in Weezy’s Bentley and missing a $150,000 trick.

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Check Out New Chaz Ortiz Interview in Thrasher

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Going into New Jersey Chaz Ortiz was the only one who had qualified for the SLS Nike SB Super Crown World Championship on points alone. So far, he’s finished 5th at Tampa Pro, 4th in Barcelona, 3rd in Los Angeles, and 5th in New Jersey. He has never won a SLS stop but his great skating all tour long assures he has what it takes. Could his first win come in his hometown of Chicago? We’ll have to wait until October 4th to see.

In the meantime, we sat down with Chaz for a one-on-one interview to discuss the 2015 season and what we’ve got to look forward to.

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Check out the Keep Going interview on the Berrics.


Forbes Video Interview

Forbes’ Reporter Michael Ozanian sits down with pro skateboarder and Zoo York spokesperson, Chaz Ortiz.

Chaz “Steez” Ortiz hits the streets

photo by Sean Cronan

By Ian Michna

While most of Chaz Ortiz’s peers are anxiously waiting to go to college this 18 year old is taking a bit of a different route with his summer: releasing his very own skate part for Zoo York and competing in the most competitive and prestigious skate contests in the world. The recent high school grad has anything but a “normal” life, with Gatorade stacked to the ceiling, a private skatepark, free plane tickets and the freedom to skate all day, every day. Literally growing up on demos and tours and having been raised on televised contests his entire life, it’s not unusual for him to run into fans or be recognized when he leaves his house. ESPN called Ortiz to talk about his new online part from Zoo York, Street League and the perks of being one of the youngest and most recognizable skateboarders in the world…Read complete article on ESPN

Chaz’s interview on All Action Sports Radio

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Chaz Ortiz Skating in Chicago, The Alli Show

Chaz Ortiz Talks Kickflips, Aliens, And Getting Handcuffed To A Bench

Talking steeze with Chaz Ortiz

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Aberrican Me

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Alli Head2Head

Alli My Five



Interview from Manny Santiago site:
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Lately with Chaz Ortiz

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What’s What with Chaz Ortiz

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For this week’s installment of What’s What, we hit up contest killer and one of the illest dudes from Illinois…Chaz Ortiz!

Check how Chaz gets down with the What & the What.

What track do you have on repeat? Right now Wiz Khalifa. All songs all day.

What do you eat before a contest? Haha! Nothing specific…whatever’s there. Always down for Sushi after, though.

What are you ordering for dessert? I don’t really eat dessert. I am always too full.

What’s it like being featured on a giant Times Square Billboard? That was really cool. I was super excited! What an accomplishment for me. Thanks Zoo! Who’d have ever thought, right?

What Gatorade flavor are you backing? Yellow, blue and purp all day.

What’s your favorite quote? “Let’s live”.  R.I.P. Shane Cross.

What’s better, Chicago or New York pizza? Ummm…New York for sure, sorry Chitown. Haha!

What Am should definitely be Pro? Ron Deily (hint hint).

What’s the weirdest thing about you? I match my underwear with my clothes. No homo though, haha!

What’s you last big purchase? My car. Haha! So worth it.

Chaz Photo Courtesy of Sean Cronan/Zoo York.

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Interview with Pop Magazine

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Channel One Interview