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The Hot Seat | Chaz Ortiz + Zoo York Deck Giveaway

Chaz’s interview on All Action Sports Radio

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Chaz Ortiz Skating in Chicago, The Alli Show

Chaz Ortiz Speaks

Chaz Ortiz talks about the filming process for his new Zoo York part in this interview, accompanied by some photos and sequences.

I wanted to film a part and put it out right away. Before, I’d film stuff and hold it, but then the footage would get old and I wouldn’t want to use it anymore. So I wanted to go hard and do this one quickly. We started around the beginning of October last year, and filmed right up ’til July 8th. The part came out on July 10th.


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The Chaz Ortiz Video

The Chaz Ortiz Video

ZOO YORK proudly presents The Chaz Ortiz Video, an exclusive full-length part of raw street skating from Z.Y. Official Chaz Ortiz. Watch it 7/10/12  at