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What’s What with Chaz Ortiz

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For this week’s installment of What’s What, we hit up contest killer and one of the illest dudes from Illinois…Chaz Ortiz!

Check how Chaz gets down with the What & the What.

What track do you have on repeat? Right now Wiz Khalifa. All songs all day.

What do you eat before a contest? Haha! Nothing specific…whatever’s there. Always down for Sushi after, though.

What are you ordering for dessert? I don’t really eat dessert. I am always too full.

What’s it like being featured on a giant Times Square Billboard? That was really cool. I was super excited! What an accomplishment for me. Thanks Zoo! Who’d have ever thought, right?

What Gatorade flavor are you backing? Yellow, blue and purp all day.

What’s your favorite quote? “Let’s live”.  R.I.P. Shane Cross.

What’s better, Chicago or New York pizza? Ummm…New York for sure, sorry Chitown. Haha!

What Am should definitely be Pro? Ron Deily (hint hint).

What’s the weirdest thing about you? I match my underwear with my clothes. No homo though, haha!

What’s you last big purchase? My car. Haha! So worth it.

Chaz Photo Courtesy of Sean Cronan/Zoo York.

See the article on The CCS Blog

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