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Chaz Ortiz is probably my youngest friend that skateboards, he is also one the best skateboarders in the world. What an amazing combination to possess youth and such great talent. Chaz also has a great family I have met at the different skate events i have attended. I remember being his age and the things you have to deal with being a spanish kid living at home. This family respect help raise me to be the man I am and skateboarding did the rest. I wish you continued success to my brown little brother, I look forward to seeing where you take skateboarding into the future! Check out his blog

Gap to Back 50

Grab all your favorite skateboard mags this month to check my gap to back 50 on a crusty, slanted ledge in Chicago.

Zoo York Spring 2011 Lookbook

Check out Spring 2011 Lookbook . What you guys think?  Let me know on my facebook page.

Heading to the Skatebarn

A Day at Warp

filmed and edited by Danny Pazninski